HYDROGRID always operates with its key values and principles in mind


A transition to a carbon free future is only possible if renewable energy sources are also profitable. So by helping our customers to increase their revenues, we also encourage additional investment in hydro generation assets. We think win-win in all business relationships and strive to align our interests with our customers’ results. That is why we have designed our business model to be performance based.


It is a given that we strive to be as financially successful as possible in order to add value for our shareholders. At the same time, we believe it is our duty to also set a goal beyond ourselves: That is why HYDROGRID’s shareholder agreement dedicates a fixed portion of our earnings to projects that bring clean water and sustainable energy to the poorest 10% of the world‘s population.


Furthermore, we are working towards many other SGDs (see here)  as well  to increase sustainability and empowerment.


We take pride in our unique technology, but most importantly, we recognize that it is our team that brings us our success. We want everyone at HYDROGRID to not only be great at their job but also to love doing it and to feel ownership of their role in moving the company in the right direction. 


Extensive industry know-how and strong partners


Entrepreneurs, industry experts, and professors provide strategic support

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger, received his PhD in Applied Statistics in 1975 from Kepler University in Linz, Austria, and served from 1978 until 2014 as full Professor of Statistics at the Schumpeter School of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Wuppertal, Germany.

Additional to his scientific career, he cofounded SAF AG in Switzerland which, by applying statistical forecasting and mathematical optimization theory, solved the problem of fully automating supply chain logistics for many large retail customers.

SAF was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2006 and bought by SAP in 2009. Since then Professor Arminger still pursues his scientific and consulting interests, but his main focus is now on developing IT and technology companies such as HYDROGRID.

Mag. Wolfgang Sauerzapf

Member of the Supervisory Board


Wolfgang Sauerzapf received his degree from Vienna Business University and is regarded as an expert in the area of finance.


He has held various executive leadership positions in the international automotive supply industry, serving inter alia for 12 years as EVP and CFO for Magna Steyr and Magna Powertrain International and is currently a managing director at Peek & Cloppenburg.


Additional to his board membership at HYDROGRID, he is also a board member at Deutsche Handelskammer in Austria and serves on the supervisory board of the AVL List GmbH.

Dr. Georg Kühhas

Member of the Supervisory Board


Dr. Georg Kühhas received his PhD in law in 1985 form the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

During his career, Dr. Kühhas was board member and chairman in various companies and acted as an independent advisor for stock market transactions. For 6 years, he was CEO at enso hydro GmbH and responsible for building up an international portfolio of 26 hydropower plants.

In addition to his role at HYDROGRID, Dr. Kühhas is also CEO of SMC Consulting GmbH and of Thomas Prinzhorn Privatstiftung, as well as deputy chairman of the supervisory board of Prinzhorn Holding.

Sabine Fleischmann, MBA

Member of the Supervisory Board


Sabine Fleischmann started her career as a computer sciences professional. She held various professional and leadership positions in the IT industry at Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and IBM.


Later she extended her professional experience to international energy management after earning a Professional MBA degree in this field followed by an engagement for a startup developing business models for smart energy systems.


In 2013 Sabine Fleischmann joined Constantia New Business (CNB), a VC investor based in Vienna.


In her role as Senior Investment Manager she represents CNB as member of the advisory board after they have become an investor in Hydrogrid.


More than 50 years of energy experience combined with deep-tech focus

DI Janice Goodenough

Chief Executive Officer

T/ +43 1 375 3333 60
E/ JG at hydrogrid.eu

About Janice

Janice Goodenough received her master's degree in Applied Mathematics from Vienna University of Technology.


For the last 10 years, she has applied her knowledge of time series modelling, forecasting and optimization in the energy industry in various positions, serving as the Manager of the Quantitative Analysis team with responsibility for all price forecasts and pricing of structured products and as Distributed Generation Manager at Austria’s largest hydro power producer.


She is regarded as an expert in the field of optimization of flexible power generation assets and is also in the board of the European Energy Analyst Meeting Steering Committee.

Dr. Annette Mossel

Chief Operations Officer

T/ +43 1 375 3333 78
E/ AM at hydrogrid.eu

About Annette

Annette Mossel received her PhD in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology.

During the last 12 years she has done basic research in visual computing and machine learning at various research institutes (MIT Media Lab, Fraunhofer IGD) and has applied her knowledge as founder and CEO for her mixed reality start-up, and as technology consultant for international companies. Her award-winning work has been featured in the press worldwide, including CNBC, MIT Technology Review, ACM Communications, Reuters and ORF.

As a scientific entrepreneur, she has sound experience in driving innovations forward and translating them into products, setting up organizational processes and effectively managing software development in order to react quickly to market needs while keeping an eye on the goal of contributing to the European Green Deal with HYDROGRID.

Christian Molden
Christian Molden, B.A.

Finance Director

T/ +43 1 375 3333 73
E/ CM at hydrogrid.eu

About Christian

Christian Molden received his degree in Applied Business Administration from Klagenfurt University, specializing in controlling, FP&A as well as strategic management.


For the last nine years, he has applied his knowledge in various positions across the finance landscape, specializing in cost controlling, financial planning and analysis and helped businesses optimize and set up financial as well as other critical processes to enable exponential growth. Besides that, he led several financings, including a Series-B as well as a venture debt financing round for a tech startup.


Always keeping the big picture of the company in mind, his main motivation is to empower all teams within a highly technical organization to reach their goals by functioning as an internal consultant and sparring partner.


A selection of our national and international supporters and prizes – from the federal ministry to the European Union