Our Focus 

HYDROGRID specializes in the optimal planning and commercialization of flexible, renewable power generation, especially hydro power plants.

Using cutting edge price and inflow forecasting methods and our proprietary optimization algorithms as well as state-of-the-art operations we can help you increase revenues from your flexible production portfolio by up to 15%.

Our Services

We offer a choice of two service levels..

  1. Day-Ahead Production Planning  
  2. Full Optimal Commercialization Service


In addition to our range of flexible services, we can also support your local technical experts regarding the optimal timing of power plant maintenance and perform power plant commercial viability assessments for new renewable power investments.

Our Offer

We pride ourselves in offering cutting edge stochastic power plant optimization technology combined with state-of-the-art market access packages at prices that are competitive even for small or micro generation units.

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Full Service Optimization & Commercialization


Levelling the Playing Field


HYDROGRID acts as a full-service commercialization partner, taking over all aspects of optimal commercialization, including forecasting, long- mid- and short-term stochastic optimization, access to all power markets (physical sale of electricity at the power exchange) all the way through to clearing & scheduling with the TSO (transmission system operator).

Our services gives small power producers the ability to optimize their production and access the power markets with the same level of sophistication as is industry best-practice for large-scale flexible power plants of several hundred megawatt (MW), and thereby allow small power producers to level the playing field with respect to their large competitors. 




The Future of Energy

The energy sector is highly competitive and dominated by change:

Rapid advancements in wind and solar power production technology coupled with renewable subsidiary programs has led to large scale investment in renewable generation but has not yet succeeded in shifting fossil fuel technologies out of the generation merit order.  

Changing consumption patterns and demand-response efforts are also beginning to shape the energy sector landscape and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future as they incrementally shift value from the futures and day-ahead markets towards intraday, regulating power and ancillary services markets.

As a result, wholesale power spot market prices have been suppressed across the European Union which has disproportionately disadvantaged small generators in traditional renewable energy sources (such as hydro power) who are faced with significantly extending the amortization period of their hydro power investments (or struggling to earn back their return-on-investment altogether).


How we can help you make the Transition

Our vision is a carbon free future where renewable generation can be harnessed and dispatched to match consumer needs in real-time, thereby reducing and ultimately removing the necessity for fossil fuel based generation.

Staying ahead of the rapid changes in the energy industry has become both a data science and critical to maintaining financial viability for existing generation assets as well as newly developed projects. For flexible renewable power generators, using HYDROGRID’s commodity management can be the key to staying ahead of the curve by unlocking the full value of the flexibility inherent in your production portfolio.  

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Run-of-River Plants



The Full Service Commercialization Package includes..

  • Inflow forecasting
  • Bidding and physical sale of power at the exchange
  • Imbalance Management
  • Scheduling with Transmission System Operator
  • Settlement, clearing, billing & margining with regards to all power markets
  • Reporting and Benchmarking



Storage Plants




The Full Service Commercialization Package includes..

  • Inflow forecasting
  • Price forecasting
  • Integrated stochastic optimization and production planning with HYDROGRID‘s proprietary methods
  • Bidding and physical sale of power at the exchange
  • Scheduling with Transmission System Operator
  • Settlement, clearing, billing & margining with regards to all power markets
  • Reporting and Benchmarking



Management Team



DI Janice Goodenough


Janice Goodenough received her degree from Vienna University of Technology in Applied Mathematics also winning the Franz Weninger award for her master’s thesis in 2001.

Since then, she has applied her knowledge of time series modelling, forecasting and optimization in the energy industry in various positions, serving inter alia as the Manager of the Quantitative Analysis team with responsibility for all price forecasts and pricing of structured products and as the Distributed Generation Manager at Austria’s largest hydro power producer.

Having developed numerous proprietary algorithms for the valuation of structured flexibility products and optimal bidding strategies, she is regarded as an expert specifically in the field of optimization of flexible power generation assets. She has spoken at several international conferences on these subjects and is member of the European Energy Analyst Meeting Steering Committee.

Kiran Madisetti, BSc


Kiran Madisetti received his BSc (Hons) degree in Computing Science from the University of Greenwich, London.

In addition to his operational and managerial postings in UK, Central European and Turkish energy companies, he served for six years as the CEO of Enerjisa Elektrik Enerjisi Toptan Satis A.Ş. and Enerjisa Doğalgaz Toptan Satış A.Ş., power and gas wholesale companies in Turkey, during which time he was also a member of the board of the Turkish Energy Traders’ Association (ETD).

Having worked for over 25 years in the energy industry, he is regarded as a multi-cultural, executive manager with a broad experience in electricity and natural gas optimization, dispatch, sales and trading, customer operations, risk management, renewables and business excellence.



Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger

Member of the Board

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Arminger, received his PhD in Applied Statistics in 1975 from Kepler University in Linz, Austria, and served from 1978 until 2014 as full Professor of Statistics at the Schumpeter School of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Wuppertal, Germany.

Additional to his scientific career, he cofounded SAF AG in Switzerland which, by applying statistical forecasting and mathematical optimization theory, solved the problem of fully automating supply chain logistics for many large retail customers.

SAF was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 2006 and bought by SAP in 2009. Since then Professor Arminger still pursues his scientific and consulting interests, but his main focus is now on his investments and board memberships in IT and technology companies such as HYDROGRID.

Mag. Wolfgang Sauerzapf

Member of the Board

Wolfgang Sauerzapf received his degree from Vienna Business University and is regarded as an expert in the area of finance.

He has held various executive leadership positions in the international automotive supply industry, serving inter alia for 12 years as EVP and CFO for Magna Powertrain International and is currently a managing director at Peek & Cloppenburg.

Additional to his board membership at HYDROGRID, he is also a board member at Deutsche Handelskammer in Austria and serves as the Deputy Head of the Supervisory Board of Saubermacher AG. 

Prof. Dr. Manfred Deistler

Scientific Advisor to the Board

Prof. Dr. Manfred Deistler is an Emeritus Professor of Econometrics and System Theory at Vienna University of Technology and is regarded internationally as one of the leading scientists in his field of time series modelling and forecasting, econometrics and system identification.

He has served on the editorial board of a number of journals, such as Econometrica, the Journal of Econometrics and SIAM J Control and is a member of the Advisory Board of Econometric Theory.

He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society, a Fellow of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), a Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, a member of Academia Europaea and holds an honorary doctorate from Dortmund Technical University.


Dr. Klaus Morwind

Commercial Advisor to the Board

After receiving his degree in international commerce, Dr. Morwind started his career in a postgraduate programme and held various consulting positions before joining Henkel AG, one of the globally leading consumer businesses.

He served for 13 years as manging director for Henkel AG  & Co KGaA in Dusseldorf, during which time he was responsible for the largest business unit within Henkel (home and laundry care).

Since his retirement, he continues to use his vast commercial experience in consulting engagements and his own entrepreneurial ventures.







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We take pride in our products and our work, but most importantly, we recognize that it is our team that brings us our success.  We are committed to creating a dynamic, diverse and stimulating environment providing open communication, development opportunities and rewards.

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Grants and Awards


HYDROGRID GmbH has won an award and received funding for the development of its proprietary optimization algorithms from Vienna Business Agency under the grant programme for practical application of scientific developments.

We thank the City of Vienna for its kind support.